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About Us

Sharing Excitement. Sharing Ideas. Sharing Community.

The University of Cambridge Archaeological Field Club (AFC) has been in existence since at least 1948. It started out as a society where students could get together to learn from some of the most prominent archeologists  and anthropologists of their time and, as the name implies, conduct informal archeological surveys in and around Cambridge. Today it aims to foster a tight-knit community amongst archaeology students at the University of Cambridge and promote curiosity, knowledge, and intellectual enthusiasm in archaeology and biological anthropology amongst members of the university and beyond.

At Cambridge, there are four tracks within the Archaeology B.A. that one must choose to specialize in during their 2nd and 3rd years. These are archaeology, Egyptology, biological anthropology, and Assyriology (as symbolized in the society's crest).  The AFC aims to strongly represent all of these fields and encourage learning across and beyond degree tracks. 

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